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All surnames Zwijacz, Luszczek, Gromada
All places Zakopane, Zubsuche
Research notes My Grandfather, JOSEPH ZWIJACZ was born on December 23, 1876 in Zacopane, Galicia, Poland. This information was obtained in the ship's manifest. He traveled from Bremen, Germany on the ship, Kronprinzesin Cecile on December 4th, 1907 with his sister or sister-in-law BRONISLAWA (b. 1879) and her 11 month old son, WLADYSLAW. He was a joiner and they plan to go to Uniontown, Penn. The document gives the name of JAN ZWIJACZ in Zakopane as the nearest relative in the place they came from.
Sometime between 1910 to 1911, he married SOFIA LUSZCZEK and they lived in Chicago. Sofia gave birth to my father, Joseph on March 19, 1912 and she died the following year of Typoid Fever. My father was in an orphage until his father remarried in 1916.
Because my Grandmother, SOFIA LUSZCZEK died so young and her family it semms was not with her, I know very little about her.
SOFIA LUSZCZEK was born about 1892 in Zubsuche, Galicia, Poland. She left Bremen, Germany with her family on the ship, Kronprinzesin Cecile and arrived in New York on March 16, 1910. She was 18 years old. Her father was FRANCISEK (b. 1860), her mother, ANNA (b.1875), her (twin?) sister, MARYANNE (born 1892), her brother, JAN (b. 1900), her sister, WIKTORJA (b. 1903), and youngest sister, ANNE (b. 1904). Her father, Francisek is listed as a farm laborer. They arrived with another family from Zubsuche. They were going to travel to Mommoth, PA. Francisek listed his brother, STANISLAW LUSZCZEK, as his nearest relative in Zubsuche. I can't find any more information about this family in the US. It is possible they returned to Zubsuche.