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All surnames Oborski, Oborska, Burzynska, Kupajczyk
All places Lida, Moscow, Biala Podalska
Research notes Seeking to contact relatives in Poland/Belarus

My father Mieczyslaw Tadeusz Oborski. Born 05/05/1918 in Moscow of Polish parents (Wladyslaw Oborski, Jadwiga Oborska, (maiden name Burszynska)).

His family lived in Lida before and after WW II. He had three sister, Valeria, Halina and Zofia.

Halina was married and had children, her surname is Kupajczyk. 

I have little information on the family.

My dad attended school in Lida

Junior school 1926-1930

Senior school 1930-1936

He then studied Art in Biala Podlaski 1936-1939

I have copies of my dads polish army records and his home address prior to 1939 was ul Falkowskiego 19, Lida, Poland (now Belarus).

He took part in the 1939 Septemebr campaign with the 7th Armoured Battalion in Poland 01.09.1939 - 17.09.1939. He was taken prisoner by the Soviet Red Army and held in the Former Soviet Union (exact dates and places unknown but my dad had written down that he was in a Siberian prison camp 1939-1942).

On the basis of the Sikorski-Maisky (Polish-Soviet) agreement of 30 July 1941, release for the purposes of joining the Polish Armed Forces. Enlisted in the Polish Army on 25.08.1941 and was posted 6 Armoured Battery (re-named Armoured Corps Training Centre on 16.02.1942 and again re-named 1 Tank Battalion 0n 01.06.1942.

Together with Polish Army units, crossed the Soviet-Iranian border was evacuated to Iran, came under British command 01.04.1942.Via iraq was transferred to Palestine, arrived on 10.05.1942 and was posted to the reserve of the Commander in Chief, Polaish Army Middle east.

Served in the Middle East and Italy 1942-1944

Injured and hospitalized 27.07.1943-10.12.1943 and again 04.03.1944-29.04.1944. Declared unfit for military service and transferred to UK 05.11.1944

Honourably discharged 21.08.1948.

Settled in Glasgow, Scotland

Passed away 01.09.1995. R.I.P