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Research notes My name is Michal J. Slaski-Suchorzewski. All I know about my Grandmother father side is her ful name: Alexandra Prońska-Przehorska and that she was born in Grodno, year 1888 (died 1955). My father faught at Warsaw Uprise, and a few years after released from german prison, emmigrated to Brazil.

I would be glad if there were any information about her family or even about relatives and descendents from them. I suppose that Proński was her mother family name and Przehorski that of her father. She married twice, first with Michał Ślaski (official of the Russian Empire Army) - desappeared during the Polish-Soviet war (declared death, but released 1955 from Siberia - died 1965), and later with Stefan Suchorzewski, Commander of 7th division of Polish Cavalry (died 1929).