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All surnames Klenczar, Grajcarek, Greitzarek
All places Dabrowka Mala
Research notes My name is Heather. I was born in the UK and married into the Klenczar Family.

My husband is keen to find out about his family as he knows none of his polish roots as his father died a week before he was born.

His father Alojzy Klenczar b1922 was a polish paratrouper who settled in the UK and leaving the army.


I have some info from the USC and have tried to translate it the best I can.

I beleive Alojzy's mother was called Anna or Johanna and went on to have 2 more children Jan Grajcarek i Maria Greitzarek.

A date on the info is 21 June/July 1917 this could be her marriage.


I really love genieoligy but i am totally stuck. I hope you can help