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Dec, Wodziesz, Holtz
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Rzewzow, Staniszewskie
Research notes
Looking for a link for my grandpa Kazimierz Frank Dec born 1923 in Staniszewskie to Alice and Ludwik(Louis)Dec. Alice died when my Gramps was 5 years old. Ludwik remarried either a Marya or Katarzyna( I'm not very sure at this point)  and they had two other children a boy and a girl which were half siblings to my grandpa (I do not know their names). The Nazi Regime came to their corner when my gramps was 14. They were collected, and my grandpa was seperated from them. He never saw them again. He came to America after his camp was liberated. He married Leocadia Holtz my grammie. They had 5 children in order youngest to oldest. Casimier Dec, Cathy Dec, Mary Dec, Valentine Dec, and my dad Louis Dec. Only my dad had children, (me) Kazimer Dec, Joseph Dec, and Anthony Dec. So far only my brother Joe has a child 1 year old Lilly Dec.

Obviously, looking for any leads to connect family trees. My hopes are that his father Ludwik, step mother and step sibling made it out of WWII alive. That they lived long happy lives, and that I have cousins and uncles aunt's etc. living somewhere just waiting be found. 

However i realize this is the real world, and considering the amount time and effort I've put into finding family already. I realize things don't always turn out the way you want em to.

Just could use some closure.