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Research notes My birth name is Imbirowski which I changed by deed poll in 1964 to O'Neill.
I am looking for relatives of my father Franciszek Imbirowski who was married to my mother Eliza Walsh in 1943, he was lost at sea later that year. I had appeared earlier in Mar. 1942, naughty mummy & daddy. His father was Kazimierz Imbirowski, and his mother was Teresa Siwkowska who were married on 1st Feb. 1913. They had two children, my father in 1916 and a daughter Zofia in 1918 who died only 2 months old. Teresa Siwkowska died in 1919. I dont know if it was a custom or not, but Kazimierz then married Teresa's sister Apolonia on 4th Nov. 1919, and they had a daughter who they called Zofia on 1st March 1920.
Now, this is the person who I am hopping had a child who may be alive today. She was married twice, first to Brunon Tobolski before 1949. She was divorced in Bydgoszcz on 30th June 1949. She then married Bonifacy Rakowski on 29th Aug. 1950 and died in Oct. 1986.
There the trail goes cold, I cant find any more, can anyone help? or point me in the right direction