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All surnames Borowski, Sieracki, Dondalskich, Domdalski
All places Koziebrody, Telbowo, Siemkowo Bydgoszcz
Research notes Jozefa Sieracka (grandmother), born in Telbowo on March 19, 1894. There isn't any information on her parents.

Michael Borowski (grandfather), born in Koziebrody on September 28, 1887. His parents are Stanislaus Borowski and Anna Skulimowska, birth place and dates are unknown.

Wladyslawa Borowski (great aunt), married Jan Dondalskich (Domdalski) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 31, 1910. They moved back to Koziebrody in 1913. Wladyslawa died in Siemkowo Bydgoszcz, 1945. They had 8 children: Marianna, Antoni, Barbara, Czeslaw, Jan, Jozefa, Tersa and Zofia.

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