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All surnames Niewinski
All places Wyszki, Poland
Research notes

My great grandfather Wladyslaw J. Niewinski listed
the place where lived as Wyszki, Poland/Russia. This information came from his
Declaration of Intent for Citizenship in the United States.  

He listed his father is Andrzej Henryk Niewinski
and his mother is Marya Justyna Warjsechowsha or Warszykowski  (spelling?)
on his Social Security information.

He came tp the United States on April 6, 1909 on
the USS Cleveland in New York, New York. He lived his life in Chicago, Illinois
until his death in 1954.

When he married Johanna Loraj in May 1913 in
Chicago, he has as a witness a Jozef Niewinski, I don't know what relationship
he has with my great grandfather.

I know that he served in the Russian Japanese War
in the 24th East Siberian Rifle Regiment.

I am pretty much at a wall with his research for
these last 10 years.  I would like to be able to give this information to
my father John Niewinski in a memory book before he passes.