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Research notes I am most interested in the family that my husbands grandfather belongs to and came to the United States.  I believe they may have had some falling out, over 100 years ago, however, the desendants are still alive and would like to connect, if they are cousins. 


His grandfathers given name was Wincenty Hujar.  The writing was very hard to read on the ships manifest in Ancestry.com and I believe they changed the spelling after arriving to New York but I think the brothers names may have been some derivative of Jozef, Jan, Stanislaw, and Frank.  I think you may have helped me with this after my Father in law passed in 2009 but my memory is not clear on this.  Also, my father in law always said that his family was Hungarian but it seems as though they were clearly Polish.  I would like to know their heritage, and relatives in the US, if possible.  The relatives here feel the same way.


Thanks for your help.