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All surnames Wyszynski, Golaszewska, Gurkowski, Gorkowski, Gorecki, Uszynski, Ostrowski
All places Ostrow Mazowiecka, Wysokie Mazowieckie, Tybory Misztalach, Jablonka-swierczewo, Lutocin, Sierpc, Przeradzu, Golasze-gorki
Research notes My name is Alexander Wisienski (age 62), named in honor of my grandfather Aleksander Wyszynski. For reasons I am not aware, my father and his siblings changed their name spelling in 1937. My father changed to our current spelling but his siblings changed to Wisinski. For the past 5+ years I have been searching my ancestry for my Polish roots and to find connections to known family members but not known how we were connected. Also, in the 1960's when Bishop (Cardinal) Stefan Wysynski was trying to get a visa to USA, my grandfather said he was Bishops cousin. I can not find information on my great grandfather to confirm or discount his statement.

My grandfather Aleksander Wyszynski(1879), and his brother Stanislaw(1878) are sons of Jan Wyszynski and Agnieszka Golaszewksa. Jan was second husband of Agnieszka after death of her first husband Jozef Uszynski in 1876. Jozef/Agnieska daughter, Leokadia married Boleslaw Ostrowski.                                                                              My grandmother Ewa Gorkowska is daughter of Jan Gorkowski(1840) and Marianna Gorecka(1842). Marianna Gorecka is daughter of Mateusz and Jozefa Szczygielska.

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I have had some success, but I get stuck on both of my great grandfathers, Jan Wyszynski and Jan Gurkowski/Gorkowski. Records have Jan Gorkowski with both spellings. 

I am very interested in finding more data on  Wyszynski and Gorkowski, and possibly connect with current cousins/uncles/aunts still living.  I have found a cousin Ostrowski in Poland who has been very receptive and happy to find his family.