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All surnames Sowa, Krol, Rusinek, Picur, Groszkiewicz, Chojnowski, Kisala, Czarnecka
All places Rypin, Rozwienica, Zurawiczki, Kikol, Cieplice
Research notes Great-grandfather was Wladyslaw Groszkiewicz, listed as being from Rypin, Russia on an immigration document through the port of Philadelphia in 1909.  I believe he initially went to live with a cousin with the last name of Chojnowski.  Also believe he had two brothers, Jan and Antoni, who came to the US later.  Jan and Antoni's immigration documents list Kikol as their place of birth.  I'm interested mostly in the unknown parents of Wladyslaw, Jan, and Antoni. 


Great-grandfather was Jozef Krol, born in 1892 in Zurawiczki to Marcin Krol and Franciszka Rusinek.  He had at least one brother, Andrzej, and a sister Rozalia.  These 3 all came to the US between 1907 and 1912.  I'm interested in information regarding any siblings who stayed behind in Poland and the parents, Marcin and Franciszka and their families. 


Great-grandmother was Zofia Sowa, born in 1893 in Gmina Rozwienica to Wawrzynca Sowa and Katarzyna Picur.  Zofia came to the US in 1911 and stayed with cousins with the last name Kisala in Jersey City, New Jersey.  I'm interested in information regarding Zofia's parents and her Kisala cousins. 


Great-grandmother was Marya Czarnecka, born in 1891.  I believe she came to the US in 1907.  I have a questionable immigration document that lists a last place of residence as Cieplice.  I'm interested in any information on her, her unknown parents, and her unknown place of origin.