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All surnames Kaczmarek, Kaczmarczyk
All places Poznan, Lubin, Grodzisk Wielkopolski
Research notes Searching for my g-g grandfather's family of origin.  Two conflicting sources - one says Poznan
, other says Lubin

G-g granfather is Vincent (Wicenty) Kaczmarek
.  His siblings are Michael (Michal), Andrew (Andrzej), Mary (Marianna), John (Jan), and Martin (Marcin).  Parents rumored to be Jozef Kaczmarek and Katarzyna ? (born Francis/Fransicza - could be given first name or maiden name??)

Vincent was born in 1854
- father Jozef supposedly in 1834

Vincent (being the eldest boy?) immigrated to Minnesota against family wishes and was permanently shunned.

Michael and Andrew later immigrated to Scranton, Pennsylvania area.

Marianna immigrated to the Detroit, Michigan area.

John and Martin's whereabouts unknown. 

ANY help is HUGELY appreciated!!!!