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All surnames Filipiak, Niemiec, Bialek, Hajdas
All places Heudorf, Germany, Tarnow, Ryglice
Research notes I was born in Polenlager Heudorf in Germany in January 1947. My brother was born there in 1948. My parents and we emigrated to the US in August 1950. I don't know much about the Polenlager or how most of my Father's side of the family wound up in the camp. I have old photos that show my aunts, uncles, grandfather, grandmother, mother and father and myself in a group photo which I presume was taken in Heudorf since my mother had not been back to Poland since she was taken to Germany by the Nazis when she was 14. I am looking for anyone who might have some information about the Polenlager Heudorf. My birth certificate is a German one and states place of birth as Polenlager Heudorf. My father's name was Jozef Filipiak and my mother's maiden name was Zofia Niemiec.