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All surnames Strama, Bednarz, Kwak, Korkowska, Szurek
All places Miedzyczerwienne, Tzeniskowica
Research notes My great-grandmother Antonia Strama was born 10/15/1886, in the Nowy Targ district. Her last place of residence (as stated on the ships manifest) was Miedzyczerwienne. I have also found evidence of some Stramas that were from Maruszyna, which is only a few miles from Miedzyczerwienne. Any info about the Stramas, etc. would be so appreciated. I have hit a brick wall and can find no other info on her. An interesting (and frustrating) side note: My GG lied to census takers in 1920 and 1930. She also lied on her marriage license (she remarried after my GGrandfather was killed in a mining accident), using her sister's name (Tekla) and the surname of my GGrandfather was also wrong. Someone once told me that a lot of immigrants from Poland would do these type of things to hide who they were because they were scared of being tracked down. By who? Anyone else heard this?

  Antonia Strama's likely siblings are : Anna Barbara, Tekla, Jedrzej, Josef, Diana and Jan. I have no info on her parents. She stated on her marriage license (when she remarried) application that her parent's names were Andrew and Barbara, but years later when she applied for social security she said her father's name was Andrew and she didn't know who her mother was. I just don't believe anything that she had said and have had to play detective to try to find the truth.