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All surnames Chmielewski, Hinc
All places Wyszkow, Makow Mazowiecki
Research notes Grandfather Stanislaw Chmielewski gave Warsaw as his place of origin
on his citizenship papers, but I believe he was from a small town near
Warsaw. I have a slip of paper with names and locations but I'm not sure
what all the designations are.They read as follows:

W. Dobrazankow

Gm. Karwacz

Pow. Przasnysz

Woj. Warsawskie


Wies Zakrzewo

Powiat Makow

Woj. Warsawskie

A pedigree chart that a cousin in Poland filled out for me many years ago also mentions the town Wyszkow.


My Grandmother Katarzyna Hinc was said to have come from "German
Poland." I have a few town names in my head but I don't know if one is
where she was from or if it's where some friends my mother had in the
late '60s were from. The names are Zielona Gora and Jazna Gora, but
Zielona Gora really stands out in my mind.