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All surnames Warunek, Zadlo, Wajsowicz, Regula, Swider, Tuchewicz, Hartka, Zyzelewski, Hoppe, Scheffler, Klonowski, Dziewit, Jemiolo, Zieba, Zielinski, Rakoczy, Paja, Madej
All places Hucisko, Budy Glogowskie, Kamionka, Pokrzydowo, Lodz, Bachotek, Zyrardow
Research notes I have been researching my family history for about 30 years. Have been fortunate enough to visit Poland three times.

My father's family came from Hucisko. It seems there may be other families with the same surname who came from Leszcze and Huta Przedborska, not far away. It has been a major challenge to determine how these families are related. 

My father's mother was born in Budy Glogowskie and some of the families related to her are Madej, Paja, Wozniak and Poltorak.

My mother's maternal grandfather, Jan Tuchewicz, came from Bachotek,near Brodnica. In 1891, he married Antonina Hartka in Pokrzydowo.  

Mom's paternal grandfather, Kazimierz Zyzelewski, was born in Lida about 1859, and moved to Lodz at some point. He married Florentya Hoppe there and this is where my grandfather, his brother and two sisters were born.

MtDNA haplogroup is J1c1b1a.

Y - DNA is I-2 changed from R.