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All surnames Bic, Byk, Gida, Andrzejak
All places Galicia Region, Posnan Area
Research notes Michael and Eva Bic married, had children Mary and Jacob.(It is unknown if there were more children.) Both Mary and Jacob emigrated to USA.  Mary arrived in the USA in 1909.  It is unknown when Jacob arrived.   Eva Bic's maiden name is Eva Gida.  Her parents's names are unknown.  A document listed Mary's place of origin as Galicia. 

Joseph Andrzejak emigrated to USA in 1902.  He had an older brother (name unknown) who stayed in Poland to run his father's mill.  Joseph's father's name was Martin Andrzejak.  His mother's name is unknown.  It is unknown if there were any other younger siblings in the family.  Andrzejaks were supposed to be from the Posnan area.  

Both families were Catholic.  The Bics and Gidas may have been Greek Catholic.