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All surnames Pyde, Pyd, Pydde, Pidde, Pitt, Muntz, Zoller
All places Plock Poland Mazowiekie Province, Ciechocin Poland Kujawsko-pomorskie Province
Research notes My G grandparents, Henry (Henrich or Henryk) Pyde (??-1889), and Rosalie Rashke (no dates) lived and died in Poland.  They had 3 children:  Anna Pyde (1882-1960), Alexander Martin Gottlief Pyde (1882-1935), and Wanda Pyde (1884-1974).  In 1889, Henry died and his widowed wife Rosalie remarried a few years later to a man with the surname of Muntz.  He had one son, Reinhold Muntz (1883-1945) who became step-brother to the other 3 children.

Henry Pyde and Rosalie Rashke were active Lutherans.  Judging from the ages of their children, they married about 1881.  From family notes I believe Henry was a "kantorat", teaching in the local Lutheran village school and assisting the parish pastor with various duties.  Henry died in 1889 according to family notes.  My best guess is that the family lived in the Plock/Gabin area of Poland.After Henry's death, Rosalie at some point remarried and relocated to Ciechocin Poland.

My grandfather, Alexander Martin Gottlief Pyde (1882-1935) with step-brother Reinhold Muntz (1883-1945), and Emma Pyde (probably a cousin to Alexander) immigrated to the US in 1902.  The ship mannifest indicates place of last residence for all three as Plock Poland.   

Daughter Anna Pyde (1882-1960) married Edward Zoller (1879-1971) in Poland in about 1903.  Edward was born and had resided in Nikolajow Russia (a German settlement)  In Jan 1909, Edward Zoller immigrated tothe US.  Anna Zoller and small children Wanda, Carl, and Fritz followed in Jan 1910.  The ship mannifest for Anna indicates her last place of residnece as Ciechocin.  Rosalie Muntz is listed as her mother also from Ciechocin.  Edward Zoller's ship mannifest lists his wife's last place of residnece as Gabin (5 mi S of Plock).

I am seeking the marriage record for Anna Pyde and Edward zoller, either in the Plock/Gabin area (Mazowiekie Province) or in the Ciechocin area (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province).  They are believed to be Lutheran.  I would also like to find birth/death/marriage records for Henry Pyde and Rosalie Rashke about 1881, and Rosalie's second marriage to Muntz (1889-1909).  The family from the first marriage is believed to have resided in the Plaock/Gabin area, the second marriage in the Ciechocin area.  Would also like to obtain any information regarding close relatives to the Pyde or Muntz families.