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All surnames Wyczawski, Golomb, Naziemkowski, Golombiewski, Trogan
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Research notes No idea of the names are correct or not.  These names have been handed down from past generations and could have been spelled incorrectly.  The most solid information that I've successfully found on multiple websites dates back to about 1880 when Frank Wyczawski came to the United States.  I've been extremely unsuccessful with basic searches of the Polish information.  My guess is because the names have been Anglicized and/or modified for various reasons.

The information I can't find online (dates approximate, names are what I have), but have is for Golab Wyczawski 1783-1859, Wojchek (Albert) Wyczawski 1820-1893, John Wyczawski 1854-1919 and Agnes Golomb(Golombiewski) 1864-1949.  Golab hails from Wadowice, Wojchek from Krakow (Austria), John from Krakow as well but listed as Russia.

John has three brothers:  Anton, Michael and Joseph with birth dates 1847, 1850, 1852 respectively.