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All surnames Gliwa, Kozik
All places Budziwoj, Rzeszow, Przemysl
Research notes Great-grandmother Julianna (Julia) Gliwa, born in Budziwój in 1865 (one source) or 1868 (2nd source - tombstone inscription).  Emigrated to United States in early 1890s.

Great-grandfather Władyslaw Kozik, probably also born in Budziwój, but possibly Rzeszów, in 1860s.

I visited Budziwój, Rzeszów and Przemyśl in August 2013 and have engaged the services of Lucjan Cichocki, genealogist from Przemyśl.  Lucjan is an excellent researcher and has helped me greatly with my genealogical efforts on my father's maternal lineage.