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All surnames Karolak, Gauza, Galant, Paluszak
All places Dziedzice, Wierzbocice
Research notes I am doing research of my mother's family from Dziedzice and Wierzbocice. Unfortunately, I do not know Polish or Russian.

My maternal grandmother is Praxeda Karolak (born 1880) in the town of Dziedzice, the parish of Ciazen, the county of Slupca.  Her father is Wojciech Karolak and her mother Katarzyna Gauza. Her brothers and sisters: Maryanna born 1861, Jakob born 1864, Cecylia born 1865, Franciszek born 1871, Ludwik born 1873, and Wiktorya born 1877. My grandmother Praxeda married Wawrzyniec Galant born 1877, and he was from the town of Wierzbocice, parish of Ciazen, the county of Slupca.  Wawrzyniec's parents are Szymon Galant and Urszula Paluszak. Their other children are: Wiktor born 1878, a child whose name is unknown born in 1880, Maryanna born in 1882, and Edmund born in 1884. Wawrzyniec Galant came to the U.S., and settled in Pittsburgh, PA., in 1904, and sent for his family the next year. Praxeda Karolak Galant came to the U.S. in 1905 with two children: Stefan age one and a half, and Edmund less than one year of age.

Wiktorya Karolak married Walter Blejwas (later changed to Blavis) and also came Pittsburgh, PA., and remained close to Praxeda.  Praxeda's eldest sister Maryanna, married Franciszek Mikolajewski in 1883, in Ciazen parish, Slupca county. This is about all I have on the Karolak/Galant family in Poland, except for a few family stories of life there at that time.