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Potocki, Sredniawa, Wypasek, Plasnik, Potoczek
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Zakliczyn, Fasciszowa
Research notes
I can't speak or read Polish so google translation has been my friend. I may not have got the correct spelling of the places. The surnames I'm researching are correct spelling. I'm trying to find out more about my family from Poland. I know that my great grandma Anna and her brother Stanley (Stanislaw) Potocki came from poland to Ohio between 1910-1914, they came at seperate times. She married Stanley (Stanislaw) Sredniawa- also from Poland- and they came to America together. I know that Anna and her brother left their parents and siblings in Poland. Siblings are Jan (John) Potocki- although for some reason his last name is spelled Potoczek on letters from him to brother Stan, Can anyone tell me why? Sisters- Bronka (Bertha) Filinska and Zofia Bielinska. Their parents as far as I know were, Josef Potocki and Josefa Wypasek. 

My great grandpa Stanley Sredniawa is a mystery. I've got no names of siblings for him. His parents, as far as I know, were Jacob Sredniawa and Maria or Katherine Plansik. Any info on these people would be GREAT! Thanks.