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All surnames Aleksa, Saraskaus, Kalesinskas, Kalesnskas, Gregutes, Grigutis, Grigutis, Gouse, Aleksas
All places Suwalki
Research notes

My ancesters came from around the Suwalki region of Lithuania, now Poland. I know some are still there. I found some younger folks on facebook but they never responded back. Some of them had many of the names I listed as their FB friends so I know these names are related. I just don't know or have been in contact with any of them. 

I have photos of all the familes from 1880 to around 1950, letters too. 

Someone out ther must know of these families.

My uncles and aunts and their siblings moved to Penn., New York, Detroit area in the late 1800s-1930's.