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All places Wilno, Vilna, Dziewieniszki, Poland, Lithuania
Research notes My mom is from Wilno or Dziewieniszki, Poland or Lithuania, she was Born in 1925, I am looking for any relatives I may have in Poland or Lithuania. My mom was taken from her home in 1941 and sent to Germany as forced labor and when liberated in 1945 she never returned.....I have many documents from the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and from my dads military records that list my moms Mother and Fathers information plus some documents where my moms sister tried to locate her in 1954 and a cousin tried to locate her in 1985 thru 1988. I have a Ancestry account but its not that good at finding records from eastern or central Europe. I found this board and it looks like the members here try to help othere. I will post what Docements I have in hopes someone can translate them and maybe help me find any living relatives I may have. My Moms name was Jeljena Kuklis.....Her married name became Helene Kuklis Moreland.....any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You for making this board.