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All surnames Bosiacki, Owsenska
All places Twierdzin, Mogilno
Research notes USA Declaration of Intention dated 28 Nov 1913 indicates Anton (aka Anthonius) Bosiacki was born in [looks like: Trverdzin, Magilav] possibly Twierdzin, Mogilno on 18 Dec 1872; emigrated from Antwerp, Belgium on the vessel Zeeland.  Manifest documents arrival on 15 May 1906 at New York, NY listing wife, Victoria (age 21); son, Stefan (age 7); 3 daughters: Marta (age 5); Sophie (age 3); Helen (infant born ship's hospital).

Baptismal certificates obtained for two additional children born in America indicate mother's name as Victoria Owsenska.

I am married to a grandson and wish to obtain ancestoral history; documentation and place of birth, marriage, etc.; for the purpose of gathering information for family legacy.