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Research notes I'm currently trying to trace my Great - Grandmother, Thérèse Szymonski-lubicz(2nd Apr 1920 - 13th Jul 2007) who married my Great-Grandfather, Robert William Meade Walsh(1st Nov 1916 - 31st Oct 2002) in 1941. Her parents were Leon Victor Ignace Szymonski-Lubicz(22nd Nov 1883 - 28th Nov 1965) and Marie-Thérèse Lupis(1884-1952).

Marie-Thérèse's parents, as far as I can tell, were Frederick Lupis(Born 1860 in Italy) and Eva Pensa(Born 1860). Leon Victor Ignace's parents were Regina Padovani and Gustav Szymonski-Lubicz(1849-1919), who married in 1880.

Gustav's parents are supposedly Sofie Kosinska and Ignace Szymonski-Lubicz(Born 1810).

This is as far back as I've been able to trace them so far; any input would be valued.