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All surnames Fedorowicz, Zebrowska, Redgate
All places Grodek, Kuczyn, Klukowa, Lomza
Research notes Searching for many of my Polish Ancestors.  

FEDOROWICZ, Tomasz and ZABROWSKA, Karolina from Grodek, Mazowiecke, Kuczyn, Klukowa, Lomza or Kregi, Zielonka.  Son Boleslaw (B 1896); daughter Stanislawa (B 1894 married REDGATE) and son Wincenty (no records found).

LOS, Jakub and SZAFRANIEC, Anna born in 1855, 1857 respectively, from Zabno, Turobin, Krasnystaw, Lubelski. They had 8 or 9 children: Jan, Tomasz, Franciszek, Szymon (died in infancy), Antonina, Maryanna, Agnieska, Andrzej .

SASS, Anthony or Alexander and his wife Katharzyna Wierzchon from Pniewo, Mazowiecki.  They had 3 children  who came to the US in 1906 and Antonina (b 1881), Johanna (b 1890)  and Josef (b 1888); and several others who I believe remained in Poland:  Stanislaw (b 1880?), Jan (b 1885?) and Antoni (b 1893).

LALEWICZ, FRANCISZEK and his wife Maryanna Ziembinska from Kielce, Olesnica. Their son JOHN LALEWICZ (born 1889 came to us in 1910) a daughter Magdalena Lalewicz who married Ludwig Plewa. Franciszek may have also married (after Maryanna's death) a woman named SKORUPSKA who was widowed with 4 sons: Ludwig, Albert, Adam and Stanislaus. The sons also came to the US in 1909. 

Also searching for family's Lithuanian ancestors:

VLADAS BALTRIMAS or BALTRIMAS (BALTRYM) (Father Casimir) and MARYANNA JASUS/YASUS both born 1896 from Rietavas, Lithuana/Russia. Mary Yasus mother:  MARYIJONA STANIZAUSKIUTE (or Stanizauskius) and Petris Beteris from Rietavas, Lithuania