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All surnames Hawrysko, Plezia, Stroczyk, Barszcz, Liponski, Kowalszyk, Binkowski
All places Brzeznica
Research notes Looking to connect two trees, mine and my "cousin". It is believed that both families were , in some manner, from Brzeznica. I have a birth certificate of my cousin's grandmother that was obtained during a trip to Brzeznica a few years ago (church).

Liponski-Kowalczyk belong to my father

Binkowski-Plezia belong to my mother

Hawrysko belongs to HER father

Stroczyk-Barszcz belong to HER mother.


Any help in tracing our roots in Poland would be appreciated. Growing up in Chicago, we used to mail out care packages to our Polish family every few months, but the elders died long before any of the information was passed down. I had fmaily in touch with Polish relatives as recent as 10 years ago, but when my elder cousin passed, his wife just tossed all of the information that he had as she found it lacked value for her. 


Thank you in advance for any assistance

Tammy Dickens