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All surnames Palihowka, Laka
All places Polikowka, Laka, Kety, Kobiernice
Research notes I am researching a family tree for  my husbands parents. The Gunia family moved to Saskatchewan, Canada in the early 1900's from Palikowka while the Mus family moved  to the same area from Kobiernice at about the same time. My husbands grandparents were all born in Poland as were some of his uncles and aunts. They came to Chicago and then took advantage of the opportunity to be able to homestead in Saskatchewan. My husbands grandfather had one brother, Thomas, whi stayed in Thorp, Wisconsin, USA, two half brothers, Vincent and Andrew, who also came to Saskatchewan to homestead and three half sisters, Katarzyna Norkiewicz, Zophia Welk who lived in New York and Aniela, whi stayed in Palikowka and married a Stys. Their parents were Sebastian Guna and Marianna Gawel. Any help would be much appreciated.