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All surnames Owczarzak, Rabinek, Borowiak, Matlak, Stopa
All places Lekno
Research notes I am doing research for a friend whose maternal lineage is from Poland.  They immigrated to the US in the late 1800's and settled in Pittsburgh, PA.  I have found Martinus Rabinek marrying Catharina Borowiak in 1875 in the town of Lekno but don't know if that's also where they both were born.  One of their daughters, Josephine (born 1878), married Franciszek Owczarzak in 1894 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Franciszek Owczarzak (born 1869) was a son of Stanislaus Owczarzak (born abt 1848) but I am unsure who his mother was.  


Any help is appreciated.