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All surnames Ziemba, Baran, Dziedzic, Ksiazek, Janusz, Wieszczek, Pitera, Kryska, Dudek, Bednarczyk
All places Jazwiny, Lutcza, Skurowa, Bonarowka
Research notes

I have been searching for quite some time for information about my grandfather,
Joseph Ziemba, who was born in Jazwiny, Poland. (Actually listed as Austria at that time
in history---1878)  I have information I have obtained from various
sources...obituary, some now deceased relatives, and a few web sites but cannot
find anything that verifies this info on any ancestry web sites. I have
specifically researched in Poland but to no avail. He spoke fluent Polish.



I have tried broad searches and more exact searches but nothing seems to
verfiy my info. This is probably the nature of this kind of research but I've
become frustrated and confused. Is there any better approach I should be




I have even zeroed in on church records in various parishes in Poland with
no luck. I have also searched the Ellis Island website.




This is the info I have so far:


Joseph Ziemba


b. March 16, 1878


place: Jazwiny, Poland


Father: Wojciech (Albert) Ziemba


Mother: Eva Baran


Emigrated to USA 1901 S.S Rotterdam


Lived in Fall River and Westport, Massachusetts, USA from 1901 until his death in 1945. 


He married Victoria Dziedzic and they had 12 children all born here in the USA. The records say they emigrated in 1901 but I have not found their names on any ship manifest even knowing it was the S. S. Rotterdam in 1901. There is no record of their marriage here in the USA so I'm assuming they got married before they left Poland but I cannot find any record of that either.  Victoria was from Skurowa, Poland and I have her birth record and baptism listed as Przeczyca in 1881.




I was hoping to find info that verified everything I have.

Any suggestions as to how I should continue would be very




Thank you,


Jane Dufault