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All surnames Rychtarczyk, Pyka, Suchecki, Gawron
All places Gronkow, Taranowa, Maruszyna
Research notes I am looking for any information on my family. 

My maternal great-grandparents were Stanislaw Rychtarczyk and Anna Pyka.  Stanislaw was born in Gronkow in 1894 to Michal Rychtarczyk (son of Jan Rychtarczyk and Anna Las) and Theresa Chrobak (dau. of Antoni Chrobak and Agnieszka Kalisz) and came to the US in 1912 at the age of 18, possibly traveling with his cousin Josephus Chrobak, also 18.   Stanislaw married Anna Pyka in 1917 in Illinois, USA.  Anna was born about 1897 in Tarnawa, the dau. of Jan Pyka and also came to the USA in 1912.

My paternal great-grandparents were Onufri Suchecki and Aniela/Angelina Gawron.  Onufri was born in 1892 in Maruszyna, the son of Maria Suchecki, and came to the US in 1909. He married Aniela/Angeline Gawron who was born in 1893 in Maruszyna to Joseph Gawron and Maryanna Stanek and came to the US in 1910.