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All surnames Kaleta, Rudka, Budka, Martzik, Schewiola
All places Konczyce, Katowice
Research notes My grandfather Peter Kaleta was born in Konczyce district, Katowice in 1873 he emigrated to Australia in 1897 and changed his name to Schaffer, he died in 1944.  I know very little about him or his family except that his parents were Yan or Jan Kaleta and Rosalin Budka, later changed to Rudka and he had sisters named Pertoneli Martzik and Kathrina, or something similar and a brother named Thomas, I believe that there were many other siblings.
His father re-married and had step children with the surname of Schenrula (or Schenriver or Scheviola ), they moved to Hindenburg, Germany and were living there in 1935.