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All surnames Zolkiewicz, Maksymczuk, Baran, Palamar, Poprel, Sawilak
All places Zolkiew, Zhovkva
Research notes My family immigrated from Poland/Ukraine.

My great, great uncle Dmytro Zolkiewicz immigrated on the S.S
Minnedosa from the port in Southampton, England his residence was in Wasilków Poland.

My great, great
grandfather Philip Zolkiewicz immigrated on the S.S Estonia from the port in
Danzig, his residence was in Kopychyntsi Ukraine.
My great, great grandmother Kataryne Maksymczuk immigrated on the Ascania from the port in Le Havre, France her residence was in Kopychyntsi Ukraine.

Family has said the farthest back the know of us being from is:

Kryven'ke, Ternopil's'ka oblast,
K, Waylkow, K, Poland. (Ukraine)
Ternopil, Ternopil's'ka oblast, Ukraine

Through immigration my surname has changed from Zolkiewicz to Zolkavich.

I have been told:

-“Żółkiewicz is connected with
yellow color - "żółty" in Polish. That's all I can

-“Basically, it means "the son of the little
yellow guy". Not a common name. Probably everyone with that name
is related to you one way or another. Most common around Sanok in
southeastern Poland.
May have originated slightly to the east in
what is now the Ukraine. Perhaps connected with the place called
Żółkiew in Polish, now Zhovkva in Ukrainian, about 60 miles east
of Sanok.  But that is far from certain. “

-“ŻÓŁKIEWICZ: 99% of the time the
-wicz ending is a patronymic indicator; some modern exceptions like
majsterkowicz (do-.it-yourselfer) and przytakiewicz (yesman) are
irrelevant to Polish omnomastics. Someone from such localities as
Żółkiew or Żółkiewka got called Żółko and when he fathered a
son: presto, instant Żółkiewicz! “