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Research notes My great grandma was born in Poland on January 11, 1906 & immigrated to the US in 1914.  As far as I ever knew, her name was Bertha Rysz.  Apparently, she changed her given name from Bronislaw.  The Ellis Island, NY immigration record shows Brounilaw from the ships passenger log.  I'm assuming they just misspelled it.  It appears she came over with Amilia Rysz, but I'm not sure who she was.  The stories I remember my Gramma (her daughter) telling is that her parents couldn't afford to send all the children.  There was a story of how her sisters were told to get up quickly in the middle of the night & they didn't have time to pack anything because someone bad was coming, not sure if it was the Germans or Russians.  It was the middle of winter & all they had on was their nightgowns, & they marched them into the mountains to keep them safe, but one of her sisters got sick & I think died.  I don't remember any more details because I was really young, but I do remember her saying two of her sisters names, Stefi & Sophie.  It would be pretty awesome to find out we still have family in Poland!