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All surnames Nagel, Holk, Macholl
All places Kielno, Wejherowo, Lezyce, Rumia
Research notes My father, Roman Nagel, come to England during WW11 after being compulsory conscriped info the Germany ramy with his brother Jan.  His father Jan (Johnaa) was born in Kielno and I have found records of his imediate family only. My Grandmother Agnieszka (Holk) died in 1944 but i am unable to find any marriage or death records.  The name Nagel had an I added to the surname which I believe was done by my father so his family could not be traced back to them.  I am continuely checking out websites to try and find more information as I would love to know more about my family.  Hope to go to Poland 2015/2016 to visit their birth places and see where I come from.