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All surnames Szeliga, Boyer
All places Frankstadt, Memel, Klaipaedia
Research notes My GGG Grandfather Michael and Mary (Marianne/Maria?) SZELIGA of Frankstadt, had a daughte, my GG Grandmother Marianne SZELIGA born c1850. I have no knowledge of any siblings or any other knowledge of her parents details, and Frankstadt/Austria was written on a couple of documents.

Marianne SZELIGA, my GG Grandmother, sailed for New Zealand on the STONEHOUSE and arrived in 1874 aged 24yrs.  Marianne sailed with the Thomas 46yrs and Agnes 28 yrs  KUBALA, and their two young children.  

They arrived in NZ and Marianne SZELIGA went to Oxford, Canterbury NZ.  


John Herman August BOYER brn c1848-1850, only place mentioned was MEMEL, now known as Klaipaedia, Lithuania. 

John HA BOYER sailed for New Zealand in c1875, aged c25/26/27yrs and went to Oxford Canterbury NZ.

John H A BOYER met and married Mary (Marianne) SZELIGA in c1875/76, and they went on to have 5 children.

Sadly I have no details at all about John H A BOYER's family, his parents or siblings, or where he was positively born.


Sadly a house with all the oldest of family photo's was burnt, and they lost all the photo's.

I do remember on photo of a large group of family folk, and the oldest man in the middle with his wife, was wearing a medium small sized pill boxed hat.  I identified this hat as one of the Tatar hats, with the lovely embrodery round the circumference.

This is a bit of a mystery hat/chap?


I would be very happy and grateful for any assistance from anyone, and be glad to chat and converse with possible distant family on the extended tree.  :-))