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All surnames Lehmhase, Fuhrmann
All places Chodziesen, Pila Schneidemuhl
Research notes
Gustav Adolph Theodore LEHMHASE, born c 1834 (place unknown). His father's name was George. 

He married Bertha Louise Agnes FUHRMANN, (age 26) in 1866, in Chodziesen.  [ see Pozan Marriage Project detail ]   She was born c 1840 in Driesen, Prussia.

Extracts from the Hamburg Passenger Lists: Emigrants from Hamburg to Australia 1870, shows the following -

Ship - Humboldt: Of the 342 passengers that embarked at Hamburg, 43 came from Schneidemuhl (now Pila), including -

Lehmhase, Gust  -  Schneidemuhl, Preussen  -  Korbmacher  37 m

Lehmhase, Bertha  -  Schneidemuhl, Preussen  -  Frau 31 f

Lehmhase, Carl  -  Schneidemuhl, Preussen  -  Sohn 3 m

Lehmhase, Gg. Paul  -  Schneidemuhl, Preussen  -  Sohn 1 m

Any detail about either the names or the places wwould be appreciated.