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All surnames Legawiec, Dziendziol, Kurylowicz, Szok, Sowa, Rosinki, Bednar, Ples, Nowak, Nowaczyk, Lukowski, Wieczorek, Malek, Miara, Kwrobel, Wilk, Sobieranski, Finter, Lesniewska, Urbanski
All places Pacanow, Bedzin, Dabrowa, Ksiaznica, Warsaw, Ostrow, Wroclaw
Research notes My grandparents came to the US in 1906.  My grandfather (born 1875) was from Pacanow and my grandmother (born 1889) was from Dabrowa and they got married in Bedzin and lived in Ksianica where my 1st aunt was born.  I cannot find out exactly which Pacanow, Dabrowa, Bedzin, and Ksiaznica they come from.  There are more than one town with the same name.  I know my grandfather was in the Philaharmonic Orchestra.  He was forced into the Russian/Japenese war.
The name is my list should be Wrobel not Kwrobel.