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All surnames Kalinowski, Ostrowski, Zychowski, Bania, Sielski, Jablonski, Feduniewicz
All places Bydgoscz, Dulsk, Dulabka, Dzielec, Cieklin, Kalwaria Paclawska, Nowosiolki Dydynskie
Research notes I have been doing research for about 19 years.  The Kalinowskis settled in New Jersey.  Many Kalinowski relatives changed their surname to Collins or Kelly.  The Kalinowski were from Bydgoscz and Ostrowski (my g-grandmother's maiden name)  from Dulsk.  I have family records from Poland that I found on a website and also Jersey City, New Jersey from microfilm and FamilySearch.org

Zychowski and Bania names from Dulabka and Dzielec respectively and the church (St Michael the Archangel) is located in Cieklin.  I have records for my family going back to late 1700s.  Zychowski and Bania families settled in Chicago, IL.  

I have records for my Sielski family from Kalwaria Paclawska and would be happy to share.