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All surnames Schom
All places Kolomeamy
Research notes My great grandparents were Moses/Morris and Malka/Mollie Schom/Scham/Schaum. I believe Morris' parents names were Aron and Yetta.

Mollie was born in 1866 in Galicia. Morris was born in 1860. She married Morris' brother Marcus in (c) 1886. Mollie and Marcus had a daughter, Lena (DOB 1886). Marcus died; Mollie married Morris (date unknown). They had 4(?) children: Etta (DOB 1896), Max (DOB 1903), and possibly another son.

Morris immigrated in (c) 1898. He immigrated with Marcus - possibly their son, named after his deceased uncle.

Mollie immigrated in 1901, with a nephew Herschel/Sam, Hudel/Etta, and Leie/Lena, from Kolomea to NYC.

Lena married Herman Zimmet, had a son Jack, had a son Marvin, had a son Keith, had two sons Tyler and ?

Etta did not marry.

Max married Gussie, had a son and daughter Phyllis, mother of Keith and Elise (me).

Morris was a tailor, and died in 1924. Etta died in 1918, Mollie (c) 1926, Lena (c) 1930, Max in 1970. Max was my maternal grandfather.

There is a relationship to a Rubenzohl family; I have not determined yet what it is. There is a relative Loeb/Leib Scham/Schom. He was either Morris' brother or cousin. He was Herschel/Sam's father.