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All surnames Maziarz, Burnejko
All places Tarnow, Lysa Gora
Research notes I was adopted by Polish parents and consider myself to be completely Polish culturally (if not biologically). Love learning about my ancestors, as many in my family lost touch with their Polish roots very quickly. In trying to "move on" in their new country, they tried to leave behind the past. In my quest, I've had the pleasant experience of discoverying that my Grandfather signed up for and served in Haller's Army, a volunteer army made up of Poles in America and Canada from the old country that wanting to fight for Poland during WWI. I also learned (long suspected) that he was from a town that eventually became part of Lithuania after WWII. Dad's side kept better touch, and I used to be penpals with my cousin Wacek in Tarnow. That was difficult, as I'm barely versed in Polish, and he didn't know English at all. I spent long sessions with my Polish dictionary and textbooks just trying to get off a short note to him, but it was worth it. My friend sent me this site's link, and I'm so glad she did. Czesz!