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All surnames Zabek, Baran, Baron, Smist, Lis, Wieczorek
All places Mielec, Lancuit
Research notes Sadly my knowledge of the Polish language is limited to a couple dozen words I learned in grade school a half century ago, but sadly the nuns stopped teaching the language as the school became became more diverse with different ethnicities.  I do not know the intricacies with regards to word genders, etc...

I originally was trying to find a coat of arms for the Zabek family, but my interested has grown to geneology.

My mom was a Baran, my dad a Zabek

My mom's mother (Smist) came to America as a child with her parents and a sister; my mom's father (Baran) came here as a young adult.

One was from Lancuit, the other from Mielec...I'm not sure which was from where.  

Also, I'm not quite certain about the spelling of the 'Baran' name, as I recall hearing that that the parish priest "americanized" it to be that 'Baran' from 'Baron'; but perhaps I misunderstood that, it was something I heard decades ago as a child.

I'm know almost nothing of my dad's father (Zabek) with regards to time of immigration or city of origin, but I do know he returned to fight in Haller's army during WW1.

I also know little about my Dad's mother (Lis), although I did find a document which implied she had immigrated to the US from Austria.

I have spent countless hours using GOOGLE TRANSLATE to scour websites, but as good as this technology is, I am certain that it fails to consider nuances of the languages.