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My name is Jack Haze. I was the first generation born in the United States. My father and mother came to the United States from Poland in the early 1960s, when they were 6 and 4, respectively. I believe my father lived in Tiche and my mother just outside of Krakow.

I love my 100% Polish Heritage. We celebrate Polish customs and traditions, Christmas Eve, Weddings and I root for the Polish soccer national team. One of my biggest dreams is to visit Poland one day and I am able to speak the language pretty well and do an even better job understanding it when it is spoken.

I am looking to learn more about my family history.

My last name of Haze was shorten by my father from Hejza because he was tired of people in the United States mispronouncing it. Somewhere I heard that Hejza was the Polish spelling of a likely German surname like Hess, Hesse or Heise. I will always be 100% Polish, even if I have an original last name that was from German origin. I am on a quest to find that exact original surname. 

My father's name at birth was Waldemar Jacek Hejza and he married my mother, Basia Kolton. My father's parents were Walerian Henryk Hejza and Leokadia Bazinski. I believe they were near Tiche, Stolowa Wola and he was the manager in a coal mine.

While I am 34 years old now, I posted on the Poland roots website when I was 14 years ago, when the internet was just in its infancy. I have cut and pasted that post below and it is still achieved on the web. 

I am the only person in my family that knows how to use the Internet. I am the first generation that was born in the United States. I am 17 years old from troy, michigan and want to desperately find my ancestors and family tree.

I cannot use a program from the store since my Mom and Dad were born in Poland and I am afraid that a lot of the records were lost in the War. You have no Idea how much this