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All surnames Slawinska, Slawinski, Hyzycka, Podkulinski, Janczewski, Janczewska, Gadecka
All places Auschwitz, Radom, Treblinka, Kielce, Bedlno, Kozienice, Czestochowa
Research notes Hi! I'm trying to find some information of an Auschwitz prisoner named Wanda Slawinska. On this website there is a family tree of Wanda Hyżycka (http://www.sejm-wielki.pl/b/zi.5.126.a) who married a man named Jan SlawinskiWanda Hyżycka was born about 1900 and there is no info about date of her death, as it is written there, - I think, she could have been arrested and transported to camp as Wanda Slawinska. By the identification photo of Wanda Slawinska from Auschwitz archive I suppose that she was about 40 - 45 years. Photo has been taken a month before Wanda's death in KL Auschwitz in 1942. Her camp number is 22064. This information is taken fron Radom Memory Book (Radomska Księga Pamięci) - so I suppose that Wanda lived in Radom and she may have been tranported to Treblinka camp because I found a historical article telling about transporting Radom citizens to Treblinka. I'm sure that she arrived to Auschwitz after long time of being in some other camp because she looks extremely thin and exhausted.

She probably has been kept in a prison. In  Księga Pamięci there is a data of mass arrest of Radom district citizens. They've been tortured hardly and then transported to Aushwitz. 

Hope that here I can contact some people related to Wanda. I took all surnames of descendants from that family tree. I will be glad for any response.