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my 2d great-grandfather are Polish
immigrant who arrived to the Russian Empire in the late 1890-1900's . The
surname sounds in Russian language like «

», but in Polish it could be spells  like
«Swiderski» or «Swidierski». In Russia my forefather named «


», in Polish his name
spells like «Jan» and his father was Piotr. Jan Swiderski/Swidierski was born
in Krakow, Poland in 1855-1870. I know that he was a policeman and also had a
cousin which owned a steamboat named «Swiderski».  My forefather immigrated
to Vladivostok (today is Primorskiy krai, Russian Federation) where he marriage
on Russian girl and had 8 children.

Does anybody have any suggestions on
where I can found a birth certificate or any information and documentation
about Jan and Piotr Swiderski/Swidierski?

Thank you,