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All surnames Blaszczak, Rigalski, Czarnopsis, Borowski
All places Lutocin, Nowa Wies, Poland, Tomasso
Research notes Blaszczak, Stanislaus (Parents - Michael & Marianna) baptized Lutocin around 1879.


Rigalski, Rygalska or similar, Bronislawa (Parents - Tomas Rygalska and Maryanna Lampkowski) baptized around Dec. 21, 1888, 1887 in Nowa Wies, Poland.  Brothers Joseph and Walter Rygalsky, Rigalski, etc.


Charnopsis, Czarnopps, Charnopys, Czarnopiaz, Sophia born around 1898 in Tomasso or Tomasrow, Russia/Poland - (Parents - Paul Czernopiaz and Anna, Marianna Romanowicz).  Siblings:  Katherine, Anthony and Louis.


Borowski, Brosky, Boroski, Borucki Michael, Mike born around 1892 I think in Tomasso or Tomasrow.  I have no other info.


Been searching for these individual and info for several years and this is the only info accumulated.  Please help.