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All surnames Rojecki, Czachurska, Czachurski
All places Warsaw, Lublin, London, Uhrusk, Chelm, Kovel
Research notes My husband came to the US from Germany with his parents after the war.

Until recently we had very limited information about his mother, a bit more about his dad.

A few days ago we received more information from this incredibly helpful site


One of the pieces of information was that my husband's father had a brother in London named Jan Rojecki.  the spelling of his name may have changed to Rojek (or some other spelling). the grandfather's name was Franciszek, living in Warsaw before WWII.

On his father's side:  we are trying to find out whether he has any cousins, in the US or in London.

On his mother's side:  we are trying to find out any information on his mother, whose maiden name was Czachurska. 

she was in Lublin from 1933 to 1936.  And in Kovel from 1937 - 1939.

We think there may have been a marriage certificate.  So we are also searching Czachurski.

If anyone knows anything about a Kazimiera Czachurska (or a Czachruski marriage)  in Lublin or Kovel during the years 1933 to 1939 we would be so grateful.  Any leads are helpful.