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All surnames Cupa, Denikdenig, Sagan, Turosz, Andres, Seltenreich, Bielecki
All places Juniszcze, Horyn, Stolin, Rudnik Nad Sanem, Kopki, Koziarnia, Kurzyna, Globikowa
Research notes Hi , my name is lawrence lancucki and i am trying to locate the village , town where my ancestors came from.

i know the birth date of ostap cupa/supa  as oct 15 1882 in juniszcze, but i do not know exactly where it is. 

ostap married helena denik/denig who was born june 17 1890, in horyn

helena's brothers  franz denik/denig were born in 1882   in stolin

                          ernest denik/denig born aug 25 1884   in stolin


ostap cupa came to america,canada first on july 12 1911

     then again on may 19, 1928


franz denik/denig  came to america/canada on march 7 1914

ernest denik/denig came to america/canada on march 7,1914

they brought their new wives, stefania and marya.

they gave their origin as stolin , russia  and left behind their father august





orall history of denik/denig family says they left germany and emigrated to the area

around minsk,     i am assuming that juniszcze,horyn and stolin are very close to minsk.

on ostap's passport  his birthplace is given as juniszcze, pow. stolinokiego,

   his wife helena gives birthplace as horyn, pow stolinokiego.

franz denik/denig and his brother ernest married two sisters stefania and marya byzak/beiser/baizert/bayzert   spelling undetermined.  but they married before leaving

for america/canada, and should be jan-feb 1914 as the girls were very young for the trip.

any help on the location of juniszcze,horyn,stolin would be appreciated.   i am trying to

find any metrics available for their births, marriages, etc.

thank you

larry lancucki


hello again,    the names sagan, turosz, andres, bielecki and seltenreich,    are all indicating the parish of rudnik nad sanem as the parish of origin,   the villages associated with the parish and these individuals

are   kopki, koziarnia, tarnogora, rudnik nad sanem.  there is also mention of  kurzyna, mielec,  and globikowa.


any help would be appreciated.

thank you ,

larry lancucki