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All surnames Drue, Glock
All places Lublin, Wilno, Warsaw, Grodno
Research notes Hello.  I have found records in the Poland, Lublin Roman Catholic Church Books up to around 1928.  There is, however, one name missing which is that of my grandfather, Jan Alexander Drue.  There is no baptism recorded or marriage.  The marriage could have taken place in Warszawa and his wife, my grandmother, Maria Ludwika Glook. She died on 27th Kwietnia 1957 but apart from the Obituary notice I have no other information.  

They both lived in Lublin, certainly up to 1939 where they had three children, Stefan Jan, born 1911 (my father) and Jurek and Janusz.  I cannot seem to find any records pertaining to them. For Stefan Jan there would only be a birth certificate or baptism certificate but I cannot find any record of it.  I believe that he belonged to the Church of St. John in Lublin.


Ewa L Siwecka